After ten years of development, Chengbang has accumulated its own enterprise value , which does not only  guide  Chengbang  staff‘s  tireless efforts, but also displays  the excellent quality of Chengbang staff in the process of development. Integrity—Chinese nation has the old adages that ‘without trust, without respect' and ‘integrity is the treasure of a country.' Integrity is not only a fine tradition of Chinese nation but also the most valuable wealth for Chengbang in the course of ten years development. ‘Integrity to all the world' is the foundation of both Chengbang and its employees. Cooperation—Today, competition among single enterprises has transferred to that of industry chains, which urges Chengbang's value of competition. Externally, we cooperate with the industry chains ,optimize and integrate resources to achieve win-win cooperation. Internally, we insist on working together to maximize our strength. Innovation—It is the soul of the enterprise’s continuous progress, it is an inexhaustible motive force for the prosperity of enterprises, and it is the only way for the enterprise’s survival and development. ‘Can-do’ is the premise for innovation.  How far the thought is, how far we can go! Innovation will sprout and grow only when we dare to break the routine and dare to say‘no’to in-doubt transactions. The key for innovation is personnel. Only focusing on persons, can innovation has origin and power. “Seek truth from facts” is the guarantee for innovation. Respecting the truth and following the objective law of development , so that innovation can be perfect and